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Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance

DW Electrical design and install solar panel systems for domestic and commercial clients across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels provide an excellent opportunity to help reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. They capture sunlight and using an inverter, convert the energy into useable electricity.

Your premises will still remain connected to the National Grid however your reliance on it could be significantly reduced which means that you can save money on your energy bills.

Domestic Solar Panel Installations

With the increased number of people working from home, the increase in energy costs and the improved performance of solar panels, more people are looking to have PV panels installed in their homes.

The good news is that installations can usually be carried out in one day and once complete, you will immediately start benefitting from the energy collected from natural sunlight.

Panels are designed with longevity in mind to ensure that you benefit as much as possible from the installation but also to ensure that the lifetime carbon footprint of the panels is minimal. Panels are installed at an angle to ensure rain water runs off of them easily, taking dust and dirt with it.

Upon completion we will provide you with the necessary certification and details.

We offer free site surveys and can easily provide reports for each customer on potential savings and earnings – call us today, we will be happy to provide some simple honest guidance about what is right for you.

Maintenance Packages



  • Support provided for all equipment part of the PV Solar System.
  • Labour Cost Covered.
  • Annual Solar Panel Servicing.


£22.50 PER MONTH

  • Support provided for all equipment part of the Solar PV System.
  • Labour, Material and Repairs Cost Covered. (Excluding Inverter).
  • Annual Solar Panel Servicing.



  • Support provided for all equipment part of the Solar PV System.
  • Labour, Materials and Repairs Cost Covered. Including Consumables and Inverter Replacement.
  • Repairs On Accidental Damage.
  • Annual Solar Panel Servicing.
  • Reprogramming Available.
  • Includes a Yearly Solar Panel Clean.

Commercial Solar Panel Installations

DW Electrical has extensive experience installing solar panels in commercial settings. We specialise in Solar PV and Battery system installation both within the domestic and commercial/industrial markets.

We have the expertise to support our customers through every stage including design and planning approvals, installation and feed in tariff contracts. All the products we use are MCS accredited and have full warranties.

As solar technology becomes more affordable, and electricity prices are expected to increase dramatically over the coming years, this is the time to install Solar PV. Feed in tariff government rates decrease every three months, however once you are signed up to receive the tariff your rates will increase in line with the Retail Price Index every year and so do not depreciate over time.

Thousands of UK businesses are installing solar panels to take advantage of the benefits of solar technology.

The first step with any new installation is to meet with you and perform a site survey. From the information collected we will be able to provide you with useful information such as the number of panels that can be installed, the average energy that could be generated and timescale for installation.

Most businesses utilise their roof space to install panels however ground arrays are an option for some business owners with some spare land.

Most businesses operate 9am to 5pm, meaning that they are most active during daylight hours therefore solar panels can have a huge positive impact on your energy usage however we can also assist by designing and installing a system with battery storage. This allows you to capture energy during the day for use in the evenings and overnight, to keep your office or factory running.

Once installed we will complete the project by certifying the installation and providing you with the relevant paperwork for your records.

We are an independent company and are not tied to any particular brand or technology. We only use certified and tested equipment that we recommend ourselves.

For a free, no-obligation quotation please get in touch with our team.

DW Electrical Services electricians are highly skilled Napit registered professionals delivering excellent quality services on all electric works in accordance with the national standards and all relevant building regulations.

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