DW Electrical Services

Electrics are part of building regulations whether you are getting a complete rewire, making significant alterations or having additional installations fitted. Faulty electrics can be a serious fire risk or can even cause electrocution. So obviously, it is very important to ensure that all your electrical installations and appliances fall within current regulations and even more importantly are not putting your home or family at risk. If you are planning on moving into a new home which is older than 30 years old it is important that you get the electrics checked out. Getting your home rewired can be a messy job so it is crucial that if you are moving into a new property that you get the rewiring done before considering any redecorating or re-plastering.

When is it necessary to have your home rewired?

If you are getting a house extension or converting one or more of the rooms, for example getting a roof conversion or converting a garage into a new room, you will need to have an electrician check that the electrical work meets the current standards. If your current home electrics have not been upgraded in the last 25 years then they will need to be checked out to ensure they meet current standards and regulations. If it is over 25 years old it is highly likely that you will have to at the very least, need a part rewire. Electrical safety will need to be checked and improved to make sure it can carry current loads, it is earthed properly to meet current standards and that cross bonding satisfactory.